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July 19, 2019

Puddle Posies Collection

Our new collection of purses is called Puddle Posies. I love doing surface embellishments to an otherwise simple little purse. Layers of fabrics are like little colourful puddles stitched down in a starburst of thread to look like little flowers or Posies. More and varied Puddle Posies Purses are in the works!

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March 20, 2019

How To Wear A Hat With Short Hair

Many women customers over the years have been telling me that they do not think they look good in hats. My standard suggestion was to try adding slightly larger earrings, as they add interest to the sides of your face. They do not have to be large earrings, mid-size hoops will do the job very well. 

I have been designing and making hats for women for over 20 years and I am the tester for all new hat and purse designs. All this time I have been testing the hats as a woman with chin to shoulder length hair. That changed a few weeks ago, with a big birthday coming up, I decided to cut my hair quite short. The hats that used to look great on me look very different now. I have been re-evaluating my vast personal collection of hats to see what is going to be the most flattering.

The first goal is to find a great style to work with my great new hair cut. The balance of hat to face becomes more important when the hair is not framing your face and the edges of the hat. Earrings do work, thankfully I know many great jewelers! Next is to find a brim that will not overwhelm the face, mine is oval, so the smaller brims are working best. The second goal is to make sure that I am still getting sun protection for every day and warmth on the cold days. I think the cold weather is behind us now, I am so ready for warm weather and to put my winter gear away for a while.

My new collection of personal hats include our B2 beret, the Moon hat with the 2" brim and for the sunny days of summer the Dawn hat with the 3" brim. I am also wearing the hats a little differently than I used to, I used to pull the brim to the tops of my eyebrows, which worked well with longer hair, now I tip the brim back a little bit so you can see my eyebrows, which I think is working better with the new cut.

My goal as an accessory/hat designer, manufacturer, and a seller is to make great hats that look wonderful, feel comfortable and protect you from sun and cold in style for many years. Hats can make and enhance your outfits in all the seasons.

Summer hats in cotton, linen, and fabric blends, cool and cold weather hats come in Faux suedes, velvets, velours, and wools. Lined for the cool and cold weather and generally unlined for the summer hats. All of our hats come in XS to XXL sizes, so no one goes without a hat!

Ladies with short hair, it is time to start trying on hats again!

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March 28, 2018


Purses - how I love them! Storage for phones, keys, lipstick, I POD, wallet and biz cards is just the beginning. I am constantly re-working our purse designs to make them very functional, comfortable to wear and great looking. The latest request I have received is for a tote with a holder for the coffee. I am on it.

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