This is our Hat Frenzy guide of making the best decision for a great fitting hat.

Measure above the eyebrow and around the largest part of the back of your head.

When you get your Hat Frenzy hat, it is important that you can put one or two fingers beside your temple, under the inside band of the hat. This is for comfort.

Hat Sizes: in inches (circumference) 1" = 2.54 centimeters

X-small = 21"

small = 22"

medium = 23"

large = 24"

X-large = 25"

XX-large = 26"

XXX-large = 27"

***Special sizing - please let me know.

If your head measures 23 1/2" your best hat size is large at 24". You will want to have space to place 2 fingers alongside your temple to have enough room for comfort.